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The internet has long been the best place to shop for new piercings, and Purely Piercings is the New Zealand store that has worked its way up to become the number one store in its category. “You pierce it –– we’ll fill it” is Purely Piercings’ slogan, and it lives up to that tagline with its expansive assortment. Navel piercings, ear plugs, tongue piercings –– you’re spoiled with choice regardless of the body part you have pierced. New body jewellery is being added all the time, which also makes that the sale section is regularly updated with fresh styles that have been reduced in price to be cleared out. We were happy to have’s Jon for an interview to get an update on the latest piercing trends and novelties in his online store.

Why should we shop our piercings with Purely Piercings?

Since 2009 we’ve made it our mission to stock the largest range of body jewellery in New Zealand. As a part of that we not only have the standard styles but also a lot of the non-standard such as ear tunnels in 1″ plus sizes.

Which piercing styles are hot nowadays?

Daith ear piercingEars are always a popular style with tunnels getting a large following in both genders. A lot of females are going after the cartilage styles such as the Helix or Daith.

Which body parts are the current most popular ones to be pierced and filled?

The navel and ears are always the most popular although people have generally moved from the basic bars and pierced ears to styles such as ear tunnels, cartilage and reverse navel bars.

How can we save extra on our purchases with

We offer free postal delivery on all NZ orders with Free Courier on orders over $40. We also offer a 15% credit off your next order if you review the products you’ve purchased.

Can you tell us a bit more about your maternity piercings?

Pierced and pregnant coupleOur maternity piercings are designed to be as comfortable as possible. They are made from a lightweight plastic, which can be easily cut, to fit – the balls are self-threading so stay on easily. We’re hoping to get a new range of styles in the next couple of months.

Which tips do you have for proper piercing care?

A salt water wash is a good basic tip but always follow the instructions your piercer gives you, as care can differ between piercings. Most importantly though, if anything looks or feels wrong then get it checked out as soon as possible by a healthcare professional.

Do you have some advice for people getting their first piercing?

The simple answer is to just make sure you go to a reputable piercing studio – never try a DIY piercing!

How do you stay up-to-date on the latest piercing trends?

We keep an eye on all the new styles and trends and regularly post updates on Facebook to keep our customers up to date.

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What are some of your favourite piercings?

Probably dermal anchors although they aren’t as big in NZ as in the US – we used to stock a large range of dermal tops but the demand just wasn’t there. Industrial ear piercings are also a style that can be modified a lot for that unique look.

What may we expect from Purely Piercings in the near future?

Purely Piercings logoThis year we’re aiming to further extend our range of larger sized ear plugs/tunnels plus bring in a new fashion range of ear cuffs – added to that of course, the extended maternity range I mentioned earlier. We’re also hoping to re-launch our higher end gold range but at much more competitive prices.

Big thanks to Jon for the interview!

January 30, 2016


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