We have established this disclaimer to clarify the nature of the financial connection between our website and other commercial entities. Before making a purchase, it is always best for customers to fully research the product or service. It is seldom wise to use a single source of information when conducting research. We recommend that users of this website refer to other websites or publications before deciding to purchase items. This disclosure document fulfils our legal obligation to reveal how this website conducts business with companies that provide products or services that we recommend.

1. Business Relationships

Visitors should assume that this website maintains direct or indirect relationships with the suppliers of all goods and services that it endorses. However, this does not mean that we will recommend any product in exchange for a cash payment from its manufacturer. This website only endorses items that we believe will benefit our readers. The website’s owners fully research or test products and services before recommending them. We always strive to provide factual reviews that our readers can trust.

It is important for Internet users to recognize that many websites are associated with the suppliers of goods and services that they recommend to the public. Federal law requires website operators to disclose the nature of these relationships.

2. Potential Bias

Our website is affiliated with the providers of goods and services that we endorse. Visitors must recognize that these relationships might influence our recommendations. This website may obtain cash payments and other incentives when we encourage readers to purchase items from a specific brand or vendor. However, we work hard to ensure that every review contains detailed and factual information. The owners of this website conduct thorough research before we decide to endorse a product or service.

Regardless of whether the owners have been compensated for recommending a specific product or service, readers should presume that this website is affiliated with the service provider. They must also realize that there might be a material connection between these two entities. When purchasing any item on this website, it is important to recognize that its owners may exhibit bias toward certain products and services. Any online review or recommendation may contain biased information because the reviewer has received compensation from a manufacturer, retailer or service provider. We urge readers to conduct research and use care when buying products or services from any website.

3. Endorsement Revenue

Users should recognize that the owners of this website may be compensated when we review or suggest certain goods or services. We may receive merchandise, cash, services or other types of rewards. Readers must also realize that we might be compensated if they buy goods or services after clicking links on the website. Some companies pay commissions to the owners of this website when our visitors click referral links and make purchases. We do not require the permission of our users to obtain commissions or other kinds of compensation when they click links or buy items.

This disclaimer is intended to help our readers make safe and knowledgeable purchasing decisions. It is vital to understand that this website may maintain material relationships with the suppliers of goods and services that we review or recommend. This could influence the content of our website. When users buy products or services, we may be compensated for referring customers to the retailer or service provider. Nonetheless, our website aims to supply truthful product information that helps readers make rewarding choices. To learn more about compensated endorsements, please refer to the official Endorsement Guides. They are published by the Federal Trade Commission.